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Local Mindset

Traditional Values!

At Cordell Groves its our total-thinking ethos combined with the value added services 

we offer and the way we deliver them, that differentiates us from other property companies.

About Us

Cordell Groves has built an enviable reputation for trust and integrity with both it's clientele and global partners. It is this reputation that forms the foundations for every project we undertake.

We develop ideas and analysis that drive new perspectives, enabling us to seek out unrivalled opportunities that equal unparalleled returns!

Key Strengths

At Cordell Groves diversification is one of our key strengths, we work directly with private clients and institutions on projects across the globe including Asia, North America, South America, Europe and Australia.

For the last 4 years our focus has primarily been on sustainable developments, Cordell Groves is well aware of the benefits of incorporating sustainable design principals into our new developments. Sustainability is an extension of Cordell Groves own develop + manage customer service offering. Our long-term philosophy includes a sustainable approach to the environment, as well as proper consideration of our social and economic responsibilities to the wider community.

Understanding Why?

Sustainability is far more than just an industry buzzword.

Utilise Resources

We understand the when, where and how to use sustainable technology

Embrace Sustainability

Education is key to fully implement an sustainable project, our ongoing training and development ensure that we have an all-buy-in strategy.


We swap confusion for revolution and change how people view property investment. Our commitment to understanding the end customer is unrivalled and unrelenting.

Financial Security

Cordell Groves works only with the most credible partners, as security of our clients’ investments is paramount. Our network of partners includes some of the most respected global financial institutions, construction companies and property developers.

Market Leaders

Cordell Groves motto is ‘growth with security.’ We take this very seriously and it underpins every part of our business.

Global Partnerships

Cordell Groves operates a fully networked organisation which is intelligently connected. We believe in staying ahead of the knowledge curve, our Global Partners are an extension of our own operation

Complete Transparency

We know the secrets of startups

At Cordell Groves we encourage transparency and openness. We are happy to walk you through the preparation that we have undertaken prior to undertaking any project.

We believe that every client is entitled to complete peace of mind when investing in one of our products

Long-term Partnerships

Each and every client is regarded as a long-term partner when investing with Cordell Groves. We aim to build lasting relationships with our clients to provide ongoing wealth creation opportunities by offering alternatives to reinvest profits after exit.


We understand the true value of communication, our clients and partners are constantly kept up to date throughout any project that we undertake.


At Cordell Groves we are constantly looking to push the boundaries of design and creativity, ensuring that we inspire our clients, partners and peers.


At Cordell Groves we actively seek to promote from within, this ensures that our core values remain consistent and is reflected in our companies performance .


We pride ourselves on our ability to consistently hit milestones, something that can only be achieved by exemplary planning and execution.


Delivering complex projects on time, within budget and achieving the financial rewards our clients expect, means efficiency is inbred from the ground up.

Client Satisfaction

At Cordell Groves we believe it is our attention to detail that separates us from our competitors. Our clients want to work with us as much as we do them.

In-House Teams

Key to Cordell Groves financial success is its ability to generate strong sales on units in a project form launch. The company has a number of dedicated in-house teams, including Sales and Marketing, Design, Project Management, Acquisitions and Customer Relationship Management, which are instrumental in every step of the design, construction and sales process.

Our Clients

I could only say that it’s been a fantastic experience, the professionalism, respect and trust that Cordell Groves team showed and delivered in my first experience was outstanding! It gives me a lot of confidence on my investment. I’m actually looking forward to expand my portfolio with Cordell Groves. I’d also like to mention that…

Michael Tauber Client

Cordell Groves are a forward thinking company and my experience working with them has assured me that they are a pace setter within the property market.

Hisham Schon Client

As an international investor I look for local expertise and trustworthiness, Cordell Groves have always showed both of these qualities in abundance. I would recommend the services of Cordell Groves without hesitation.

Edmond Walters Client

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